news & numbers is a PR agency based in the north of Germany with Hamburg as the media capital. We have a deep expertise in economic surroundings with a special sector expertise in financials. We are able to establish profound relations to German media and reach decent visibility for our customers.

Our customers include worldwide operating companies as well as small and smart startups or events. We are able to deliver the right measure of activity, according to budgets in time and money. We have the editorial staff which allows us to create and deliver content at a scale to suit projects both big and small.

Our sector expertise ist focused, we work in and for he financial industry and its surrounding businesses like startups selling to banks or asset managers, law firms or foundations. As well as for financials we work for the healthcare sector. Our client experience includes privat banks, startups as well as asset managers or international working fintechs.

We know about content as we recruit many of our staff from media. And we know how to find the content that will lead to earned media and social coverage. Our network of national, regional and local contacts, as well as our understanding of digital media, helps us to deliver the right content at the right time to the right people. Often we are able to anticipate news opportunities and place our customers as experts in the media.From Hamburg, Frankfurt and Berlin we are sharing our expertise and insights with clients internationally. Internationally operating firms find in us the partner to cover the German-speaking markets. For small and medium sized companies as well as established big players we enable the entrance to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. For Startups we open doors to the markets, knowing about restrictions in budget and time and are able to answer to these challenges.

Interested? Call us +49 40 8060 19434 or write: international@news-and-numbers.de

Or direct: Bodo Scheffels: +49 178 4980733, bodo.scheffels@news-and-numbers.de



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